Our Menue


Veal stew (heart and lungs) with bread dumpling and goulash sauce   €     9,50
Small portion of beef goulash    €    7,90

Large portion of beef goulash

   €    9,60




Original Wiener goulash 'Fiaker Style' with sausage,

bread dumpling and fried egg

   € 13,50
Sausages with goulash sauce    €    6,50
Frankfurter sausages or Debreziner sausages with a roll, mustard and  horseradish    €    4,50

Original Bavarian white sausages with sweet mustard and soft Pretzel

   €    6,50
Grilled sausages with warm cabbage, roll and mustard    €    6,80

 Klosterhof Brettljause, cold meat platter à la Klosterhof served

on a wooden plate

    €    9,60