Our Menue


Clear beef soup with sliced Pancakes,

liver dumpling  or semolina dumpling  € 4,30


Goulash soup € 4,80

Cream of duck soup € 4,80





Beef Tatar served with mustard and toast bread € 14,50

Fillet of herring served with salt potatoes € 13,50






 Vegetarian Dishes   

Spinach Spätzle served with cream sauce, oregano and cheese € 11,80   


Ravioli filled with pumpking and served with fresh Parmesan € 14,50


Side Dishes

Seasonal salad € 4,20
Green salad € 4,20

Portion of potatoes, rice, 

vegetables or bread dumpling € 3,50

French fries € 4,00


Fresh bread

Roll, Salted Stick, Kornspitz, House bread € 1,20

Soft Pretzel € 1,50




 Main Dishes

Ragout from the deer served with mushrooms, bread dumpling and warm red cabbage salad € 17,90


Roast duck served with bread dumpling, warm red cabbage salad and baked apple

half portion € 19,70

quarter portion € 14,70



Mixed grill (different kinds of grilled meat) served with herb butter, vegetables and

French fries  € 17,20


Smoked pork with bread dumpling and warm cabbage salad with bacon € 12,80


Original „Klosterhof Reindl“ – smoked pork and roasted pork served with sausages,

bread dumpling, liver sausage and warm cabbage salad with bacon   € 16,90


Wiener Schnitzel pork or turkey served with parsley potatoes and cranberries € 13,50


Cordon bleu from turkey served with parsley potatoes and cranberries € 16,30


Grilled chicken fillet served with tagliatelle and maroni pesto € 16,40


Vienna braised fillet of beef with gravy served with roast potatoes and topped with onions € 18,50


Veal liver served with potatoes, bacon and apple € 17,80


Crumbed  fried chicken pieces served with fried parsley and

potato Vogerl salad € 16,80


Grilled pike perch served with rice, spring onions and vegetables with

tomatoes  € 18,70


For our youngest

Wiener Schnitzel small, pork with French fries€ 6,10
Grilled sausages served with French fries€ 6,10
Spaghetti with tomato sauce€ 6,10







Warm chocolate cake with cherry ice cream € 6,80

Homemade apple strudel served with vanilla ice cream € 5,50

Original „Linzer cake“ served with whipped cream € 3,80